Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Preparation Before the day & On the day?

A job interview can be a horrible, stressful, awkward experience. But it needn't be that way. The job interview is your chance to show people who you are and what you're capable of. The secret of a successful interview lies in preparation - do your homework and an interview can be a positive, useful experience.

With my handy tips can help with nerve-calming and how to do your best on the big day.


It makes sense to know a little bit about the company that you want to work for, so before your interview do some research:
  • Look at the company website
  • Quiz anyone you know who has worked there
Then, be ready with a few questions for the interviewer which show that you have done your homework. The recruiter wants to know that you are on the ball.

Also prepare answers to standard questions and check the format of the interview - for example will there be any personality or skills testing?

Before the day

  • Read through your CV

    and application letter and take additional copies
  • Check buses/trains/parking/directions

On the day

  • Turn up on time
  • Dress appropriately
  • Be nice to everyone you meet from the receptionist onwards - you neverknow who might have a say in your appointment
  • Make the most of your research - mention some of the facts you have gleaned about the company
  • Find out as much as you can about the job - how else will you be able to decide if they make you an offer?
  • If the first interview is with a recruitment consultant, pump him or her for as much information as possible about the organisation and the job


  • Be late - in fact, try to arrive early
  • Criticism of current or previous employers
  • Answer a question with another question
  • Interrupt the interviewers - although they may interrupt you
  • Leave without finding out when you will hear if you have made it to the next round of the recruitment process, and what that will involve

Clothes and appearance

What you wear speaks volumes

. A job interview, however, is a time for your experience, skills and qualifications to speak for you, not your clothes. Follow My simple rules and you shouldn't go wrong:
  • Wear something conservative, smart and clean
  • Wash your hair and trim your nails
  • Don't wear too much make-up or jeweller

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