Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Are you a Graduate or a Post Graduate let it be...How can you prepare well for an interview which decide your Carrier

Think if you are recruited by a Human resource professionals

Are you ready to answer the following questions?

* What can you tell me about the position?
* What type of person you are seeking?
* What can you tell me more about the department?
* Who is the manager I would be working for and what is their management style?
* May I have a copy of the written job description?
* What would a typical working day be in this position?
* How would you describe your company culture?
* What is your company’s mission statement?
* Why is this position open?
* Is this job opening due to growth or replacement? (if replacement)
What happened to the previous person in the position?
* How much does the position pay?
* What is the compensation range for this position?
* What benefits are provided to your employees?
* Do you have a tuition reimbursement plan?
* Do you have an employee stock purchase plan? Do you participate?
* What is the typical career path for this position?
* What type of internal and external training do you provide?
* How are performance appraisals conducted within your organization?
* How are promotions evaluated within your organization?
* What is your organization’s commitment to diversity?
* How diverse is your executive management team?
* What is your retention rate within the company? Within the hiring department?
* Has your company had any layoffs in the past two years? What was the criteria
for deciding who would be laid off? Do you foresee any additional layoffs in
the near future?
* What is the next step for consideration?
* When will you be making a decision on this position?

Recruited by a Hiring Managers

Are you ready to answer the following questions?

* What are the most important skills and attributes you are looking for in
filling this position?
* What would be a typical working day for this position?
* How many hours of work per week would be required to be successful?
* What is the organization structure of your department?
* How would you describe your company culture?
* What are your organizational values? How do these values influence your
* What is your vision for your department over the next two to three years?
* What major challenges are you currently facing as a manager?
* What is your competitive advantage in the marketplace?
* What makes your company better than your competitors?
* What are the areas where your competitors are better than your company?
* Who do you consider your customers to be?
* What is your value proposition to your customers?
* What business problems keep you awake at night?
* Can you tell me more about the other people in the organization I would be
working with? Can I meet with any of them before accepting an offer of
* What would you consider to be exceptional performance from someone performing
in this position in the first 90 days?
* What is the internal perception of pursuing further education, such as a
Master’s degree?
* What is your management style?
* How do you typically make decisions?
* What is your preferred method of communicating with your team?
* How are you measured as a manager?
* What can I do to make you successful?
* How long have you been with the organization?
* What has been your career path within the organization?
* What will be the measurements of my success in this position?
* Do you have an employee stock purchase plan? Do you participate?
* Who are the primary constituencies that you are responsible to support?
Shareholders? Customers? Employees? How do you make decisions which conflict
with the needs of these different constituencies?
* How does the pressure of Wall Street expectations affect the short-term
decision making among managers?
* What are the organizational goals?
* What are the metrics used to measure whether or not you are achieving your
* How far out into the future is the organization planning?
* Do you have strategic planning within your organization? How often is it done?
Who participates? What is the typical planning time horizon?
* How are new strategic initiatives communicated to the organization?
* Is your department considered to be a profit center or cost center? What are
the financial expectations of the department?
* Do you have control over your own budget? How is the initial budget amount
* Are budgets made at a centralized location, then rolled down, or decentralized,
then rolled up?
* What is your approach with regard to the use of technology?
* Is there anyone within your organization who is considered to be a thought
leader within the industry? What is it about that person that makes him/her a
thought leader?
* What is the next step in the interviewing process?

If you are recruited by a Headhunters/Third-party recruiters

Are you ready to answer the following questions?

* Where did you get my name?
* What is the name of the employer?
* Who is the hiring manager?
* Are you working with HR or directly with the hiring manager?
* How are you involved in the hiring process?
* Are you working on a retainer or contingency?
* What will be the interviewing process?
* Why is this job open?
* Is this job opening due to growth or replacement?
* If this is a replacement, what happened to the previous person in the position?
* How much does the job pay?
* Are there any additional pay components beyond salary?
* Are you working on this exclusively or are other firms working on it as well?
* Have you ever placed candidates with this client before?
* Where is the job located?
* Is this at the company headquarters/corporate office?
* Is the company profitable?
* Have they laid off any employees in the last year?
* How would you describe the company culture?
* What is the background of the person I will be interviewing with?
* What is the interviewing style of the person I will be interviewing with?
* Who has final hiring decision authority?
* What will you do with my resume?
* Will my resume be given out to any other client without my permission?

If at all all these things are not matched...just think they are not a Qualified Employer for you and for your Carrier...:)

Post your Suggestions and Queries....

There are two kinds of people in the world.
Those who walk into a room and say, "There you are" and those who say, "Here I am" If we could sell our experiences for what they cost us, we'd all be millionaires.

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