Thursday, July 10, 2008

What should my CV have?

I think you're the best person to write your CV. Just write your honest opinion about the questions.
No one do not expect a master piece in your CV.

Being Natural and spontaneous is the best way to go.

Your CV should have the following things clearly written

1. Your Full Name.
2. Your complete address and contact information.
3. Your educational history including and certifications with details of relevant institutions.
4. Your complete work history with contact information of the employers.
5. Your completed projects and exact job description in those projects.
6. Language skills.
7. Extra Curricular Activities. Let us know what you enjoy. let us know what makes you different than others. List any achievements and awards you have received in areas other than your area of expertise.
8. Expected Salary. Don't let it exceed your qualifications and experience as it can adversely effect your chances.
9. References. Please mention the verifiable references only with clear contact information including phone numbers of your references.

What if I submitted false documents?

This could be quiet dangerous and probably result in deportation even years after working in the company. Please do not submit false documents and claims about experience. Whatever you are, we could have something for you!

I have submitted wrong information by mistake, can I change my CV?

Yes, you can make changes in your CV anytime you want. If you are "under offer" your changes will be reviewed by our staff to evaluate if you are still eligible for the vacancy.

My question is still not answered?

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